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Math Sport is committed to the health and well-being of employees by offering shoes that adapts to each of them. The shoes will meet their aesthetic and physiological needs for work hours or sports activities. What could be more natural than being comfortable in your sneakers?

Our shoes are made of high-quality materials to meet your highest standards.

A shoe customized to your unique profile and needs.

All our products are guaranteed comfort or money back. No return shipping costs.

All included

Whether you are a small or large organization, our team will travel and take the time to advise you.

Custom design for the organization: With this option, we will produce a unique shoe model for the organization. Our designers will take care of producing a piece of art according to the vision and needs. Production will not start without a total satisfaction.

Individualized consulting service: A member of our team travels to your workplace and meet with each beneficiary. He conducts a needs analysis to design their ideal shoe (type of physical activity, objectives, preferences, etc.).

Custom-made insole: In addition, it is possible to opt for a custom-made insole. This option optimizes comfort and makes the shoe unique to each foot.


25 to 99 pairs

200$ CAD/pair

100 pairs and more

180$ CAD/pair

Tailor-made supplement

Addition of a custom-made insole

50$ CAD/pair

Temps de livraison

3 mois

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