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The YUL finally arrive and we make room for them!
Our latest MATH Sport are just waiting to accompany you this summer!

Choose your size and select a sole thickness preference. We’ll ship your last pair of MATH Sport within 14 days before moving on to YUL!

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    Tell us your preferred sole thickness and receive your SURPRISE pair within 14 days!

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*Randomly selected color and drop
**Potential colors: All colors of Gen3
***The preference of the sole thickness does not guarantee the reception of this thickness.

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The toe box has no stitches which allows the shoe to better adapt to your foot and running style. This also opens up the toes for freedom from pressure.

Vibram Insole

Our Vibram insoles were designed to respect the biomechanics of a natural  foot. The insole, made in EVA, ensures optimal weight and cushion.  The external sole is made of rubber which makes for a durable running shoe.

For All Types of Runners

Whether you have a narrow or wide foot, our shoes are designed to fit your unique running profile, which significantly contributes to the overall comfort of your run.


The upper is made of mesh to allow for breathability and the right amount of flexibility.