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redRoad - 7mm - t2
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redRoad - 7mm - t2
Crafted with care.
Made for you to offer the best comfort at all times. A flexible and seamless upper that respect your natural feet motions.
Designed to last with a sole entirely produced by Vibram. The expertise developed since 1936 ensures unparalleled durability. Make 1000 km before renewing them.
On all grounds, our road and trail shoes will be with you in all occasions. Let's create together your perfect everyday companions.
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100% satisfaction warranty
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Free and easy returns
Canadian business
Canadian business
T1: Racer
  • Ideal for: intervals, racing and short distances.
  • Help having a forefoot running technique.
  • Increase stability and allows lateral movement.
  • Minimalist sole (6mm-10mm).
  • Not recommended for people with foot injuries.
T2: Lite trainer
  • Perfect middle ground, multi-disciplinary midsole.
  • Can be use on all distances depending on the running thechnique.
  • Ideal: long intervals and transition toward a midfoot strike.
  • Not recommanded for heel strikers running long distances.
T3: Cushioned
  • Traditionnal sole that offers great comfort.
  • Ideal: walkers, heel strikers and for foot injuries.
  • Not recommanded for high performance competition.
  • Great for long runs.
  • Help forefoot strides.
  • Decrease heel strike tendencies.
  • Not recommanded: achilles injuries or sensitivities.
  • Most popular drop and very veratile.
  • Allows: transition from heel strike to fore-foot.
  • For mid-foot runners or walkers.
  • Perfect for heel strikers.
  • Recommanded for achilles tendon injuries and sensibilities.
  • Makes forefoot running difficult to achieve.
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